Appoint a Guardian to Keep Your Kids In Safe Hands At All Times

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Putting politics aside, I imagine every parent who has watched the news lately has been troubled over what’s happening to families at the US-Mexican border. As you likely know, more than 2,300 children have been separated from their parents at the border recently.

Again, regardless of your political views, I’m sure you don’t relish the thought of children being taken from their parents. What’s more, perhaps these events have got you thinking about how it would be for your children to be taken into the custody of strangers. And if not, let this be the moment you willingly feel that fear on a personal level and decide to ensure your child’s well-being and care by only the people you want no matter what happens.

It can happen to your family
Even though most people think that something like that could never happen to their family, they’re just plain wrong. While your kids almost certainly won’t be taken into custody by U.S. border agents, your children could be taken into the care of strangers if something happens to you—even if your family or friends are on the scene.

Understand the risk
While it may seem like a long shot, the consequences are serious enough that you must consider the real possibility of what could happen and ensure you’ve taken right actions to protect your loved ones. Let’s say you and your spouse have gone out to dinner together and left the kids with a babysitter. But on the way home, you’re in a car accident. The police will get to your house, find your children home with a babysitter, and have no choice but to take your kids into the care of the authorities (strangers) until they can figure out what to do.

This is the case even if you have friends or family living nearby. If you haven’t left proper legal documentation, the authorities may have no option but to call child protective services—that is, unless you’ve legally given them an alternative.

Know your options and your responsibility
The sad thing is, this all can be completely (and very easily) prevented. However, to ensure your children are never taken into the care of strangers you must take action now. Please do not leave this to chance. You have the right – and the responsibility – to guarantee your children are never taken into the care of strangers.

And if you think you’ve already done the right thing because you’ve “asked” someone to look after your children if something happens to you, or you have a will that names legal guardians for your children, think again. We’ve found that in most cases, even parents who worked with a lawyer to name legal guardians have made at least one of six common mistakes that leave their children at risk.

These mistakes are made because unfortunately, most lawyers do not know what’s necessary for planning and ensuring the well-being and care of minor children.

Here’s how to get started
If you’ve already created a will, we can help you identify whether you’ve made any of the six common mistakes that could leave your children at risk. If you have not yet taken any action, we can help you take the first steps and make the very best decisions for the people you love.

Whatever your situation, you should act now to make certain your children are never taken into the care of strangers. Call us and mention this article to receive a complimentary consultation.

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