Community Outreach Programs

Community Outreach 91024As a dad with two little ones at home, Marc shares and understands the concerns and needs of other busy parents with minor children.

He knows how much you want to fully protect your children, as well as just how easy it is to put off finalizing the legal planning necessary to actually accomplish that goal.

That’s why Marc offers three different FREE, educational, and empowering talks exclusively for parents:

  • A short, friendly, 20-30 minute long Mom’s Group Talk titled “The Straight Scoop On Legal Planning For Busy Parents” (complete with Q&A session).
  • An hour-long Kids Protection Seminar, which is a PowerPoint® presentation outlining the legal steps parents can – and should – take to fully protect their minor children (includes free gifts) .
  • A 2-hour Guardian Nomination Workshop complete with legal guidance, counsel, and instruction for parents as they work with Marc to draft documents nominating guardians for their minor children (each participant leaves with a fully executed set of documents). ***PERFECT FOR FUNDRAISERS!

Contact us with questions or to schedule Marc to speak to your parent group now.