Who We Are

Marc and his daughter EllaThe mission that drives us: to educate parents on how they can leave a legacy of love and financial security for their children, no matter what.

The vision that guides us: to earn and deserve the privilege and honor of being our clients’ trusted advisor, for life.

And the core values that will get us there:

  • Relationships. To truly connect with our clients through the collaborative, cooperative, and coordinated effort of acting together in the common interests of the clients’ cause; to consistently build and employ the ability to work efficiently as a team.
  • Proactivity. To uniquely anticipate and prepare for, intervene in, and control an expected occurrence or situation, especially a potentially negative or difficult one; to empower our clients to initiate change rather than merely reacting to events.
  • Service. To actively seek opportunities to provide meaningful aid to our clients by developing and maintaining an organized system of policies, procedures, processes, and employees all designed to consistently anticipate and accommodate each client need while exceeding every client expectation.
  • Trust. To inspire in clients a reliance on our integrity, honesty, strength, and ability; to earn the client’s confident expectation of our adherence to ethical principles, soundness of moral character, and honorable actions.
  • Innovation. To foster the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, solutions, etc.; to consistently strive for originality, imagination, and progressiveness.

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